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Short story about a lost astronaut

Here I tried to show a few frames of a story about a lost astronaut.
Inspired by some scifi artworks and films.

Victor duarte 001up

In the distance she saw a gigantic structure. That blue light was calling her, and it seemed like she could suddenly swim towards it, even being in the void of space.

Victor duarte 002up

Slowly she fell voluntarily on the smoothest surface she had ever seen.
To his astonishment, she noticed an immediate warmth.

Victor duarte 003up

She remained standing there on that perfectly round surface contemplating that pleasant blue. Was it a window?

Victor duarte 004up

Several meters inward she contemplated a huge hole that went gently towards what looked like a curvature in space.

Victor duarte 005up

She forgot who she was and who she would be. And with a feeling of infinite peace, he dropped.
Was it over, or had it started?