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Save the duck

I was looking for some scene to practice some mechanical rigging (learned a lot with this awesome course: and Che (my girlfriend) gave me the idea of the claw machine.
Through the process of modeling and rigging I came out with the idea of this short film and I thought it could be a funny project to work on.
So I wrote a short script and I planned every shot trying to capture the feeling. Really hard to express some emotion on the impassive eyes of the duck.
The funny/hard part was the animation of the claw with its cable. Then I did some sound compositing and color grading with DaVinci resolve. I hope Youtube shows a bit the tiny film grain on the footage!(I'm afraid not).
I wanted to render the entire thing with Cycles, but also I didn't want to spend more hours, so I tried to push it with Eevee. With the motion blur feature and all the stuff works quite well!

Save the Duck | Short film | Better quality 4K! Blender 2.90